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Lazio Fan Token - Binance Launchpad. Is it worth it?

Lazio Fan Token - Binance Launchpad. Is it worth it?


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I am relatively new to Binance and saw how the Beta token skyrocketed after the launchpad. I have a few questions regarding the new launchpad - Lazio Fan Token coming soon.

1) How to calculate the expected value it might rise upto?

2) If I hold 8 BNB in my spot wallet during the preparation phase. Will my average BNB holdings will be (8/no. of preparation days) or will it just be 8 BNBs?

3) What is the price effect of launchpad on BNB? I have read somewhere that price of BNB crashes after launchpad as people tend to sell their BNB. Is the price drop significant to earn gains by shorting BNB?

4) Could you share your experience of Beta token? How much did you stake and what kind of profit you made?

Is it worth it to buy BNB for Lazio Fan Token?

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