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I've been looking at buying land for many years

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My only goal in this life is to become the steward of a quiet homestead in the mountains. Before Bitcoin, I used to look at the prices for land and get depressed. Every year, I would wonder how I was supposed to save an ever increasing amount of fiat with a rapidly depreciating buying power. I'm not going to be receiving any type of inheritance, and with 2 chronic disabilities, I am not able to just work more/ harder. My partner works and makes a decent salary, but each year our taxes, insurance, and grocery bills go up and our buying power goes down.

Since I've found Bitcoin, I no longer worry that my goal of owning a few dozen (or more) acres of land in the mountains is impossible. I don't care about the day-to-day or month-to-month fluctuations in prices (although I'm always happy to acquire more on sale). I have a goal 5 to 10 years in the future and Bitcoin is my savings account. And for the first time in my life, I am 100% we are going to get there, regardless of how expensive things become in fiat.

It doesn't bother me when people call BTC a scam or fundamentally misunderstand what it is. I just laugh when people say it's used primarily for criminal activity (yes, a public ledger is the best place to do illegal activities...) I don't bother trying to explain to others why Bitcoin is better than fiat or gold or stocks. Other peoples opinions of me (or BTC) are none of my concern. I just keep quiet and stack sats. I've done my research, read several books, dozens of articles, and learned more about the monetary system and government than most people I know. And now, I wait.

I know fiat is going to continue to be devalued. I know we are adding $1 trillion of debt every 100 days. I know the system will eventually collapse. And, because of Bitcoin, I have no fear. I feel so much gratitude towards the creators and BTC itself.

I hope you all achieve your goals, financial and otherwise,and feel confident knowing you are one of the early adopters of a new financial paradigm.

Happy Halving Week!

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