Jewelry company Tiffany & Co. just announced NFTiff with NFTs that cost over 30 ETH. Who is gonna actually buy that?

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Just now the famous and prestigious jewelry maker Tiffany and Co. announced that they are launching their own NFT collection called NFTiff. The collection will include NFTs that cost over 30 ETH. That's literally ~50k dollars to just buy a NFT by a jewelry company. I don't know who would kuch rather want to do this then just invest in an actual crypto or do literally anything else with the money.

NFTs being sold for that much has kind of become normal now. But at least to me it does kit make any sense, I get that the tech behind those is good and the whole ownership-principle is unique and needed for the future. But still who is gonna pay like millions for that?

NFTs and their idea can be used for way better ways than buying some money pictures. The day people understand that will be thr day crypto goes even one step further.

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