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Major Crypto Sites Compromised

Major Crypto Sites Compromised

Etherum Reddit

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Please be advised that a variety of exchanges and crypto service sites are currently under direct attack. Some sites, such as QuickSwap, are confirmed as compromised.

Sites that have been reported as being at risk of being compromised include DexTools, CoinGecko, EtherScan, and QuickSwap.

Current recommendation is that if you are able to disconnect your wallet from these sites you should do so until the scope and success rate of these attacks is able to be confirmed and contained.

If you receive a request for connection on a site you would not normally expect to see one (ie as your wallet is already showing as connected) please regard it as suspicious and take appropriate precautions.

These attacks are primarily targeting the sites themselves, so it is recommended you check the twitter feeds and other social media channels for the sites you use to confirm any developments.

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