My Adventures as a crypto bounty Hunter: Most Common Bitcoin Scams Edition

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Just a little introduction, I have been freelancing as a crypto bounty hunter since 2021. It has been an opportunity of a lifetime which has brought me great personal satisfaction and has helped me financially.

Double What you send

If you would ask me some time ago if this was one of the most common scams, I would say no way. But apparently it is!

They usually make it elaborate - meaning your curiosity gets the better of you and you send 50$ of BTC, receiving 100$ of BTC. And so, your greed starts to pile up, and you start sending higher and higher amounts and they keep sending BTC back. However, along the way you send a huge amount amount of money only to never receive anything back.

Pro Tip: Too good to be true applies here.

Fake Donations Scam

This has become one of the most common scams. People hack into famous people’s accounts - such as Satoshi Nakamoto’s blog account and famous celebrities’ twitter and Instagram accounts - and impersonate those same celebrities, asking for donations for a specific charity and posting their crypto wallet link

These scams lead to hundreds of thousands in losses for good Samaritans who only intend to help out people in need.

Pro Tip: Never Listen to Celebrities (impersonated or otherwise).

General Malware

You get it from downloads on shady websites or recently by browsing on the browsing on websites that download content to your computer without your knowledge. Usually, you either give access to the wallets in your system, or it installs a replace virus that replaces the address you’re sending your crypto to with the perpetrator’s one.

Pro tip: I use Malwarebytes, which is pretty good and updated for these types of scenarios, but any major antivirus will do. Also, make sure to double check the addresses you’re sending your crypto to.

Let me know if you liked the post or not.

Stay Safe and freak the scammers,

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