Nobody today can create a Metaverse as it really should be. The technology and the infrastructure isn’t yet available, neither for Facebook nor for any crypto developer, please stop this futile hype.

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No intellectually honest person could say that what they are creating today are metaverses. They are, at their best, browsergames where you can earn money. Most of them with shitty graphic and design. Mass adoption will never come to a technology that is so bad.

The first thing a metaverse should have is Virtual dive-in reality. You should wear something (glasses? neural hats?) and immediatly being transported to the metaverse, where your avatar will be the virtual body perception you have, not a 2d figure that you look at in a monitor. You must “dive” (very important concept) in a metaverse, to call it that way. Is there a tech capable of doing so? You know the answer. And no, Oculus and VR are not the answer, just the starting point.

The second thing a metaverse should have, is a real A.I. superintelligence that overcame the singularity, or more average A.I. that can act as “real” NPCs in a world. Not there yet, but we’re for sure closer than the first point.

The third thing a metaverse should have is an actual metaverse. The possibility to “change world”, keeping your avatar (aka your body perception, see first point) the same in a sci-fi world or in a fantasy rpg. You should be able “travel” from one to another without logging out.

The fourth thing a metaverse should have are virtual objects with interactivity with the body perception. We are very close to this concept thank’s to NFTs, and I think they are the reason why now so many people think a metaverse can be done today.

The truth is that a real metaverse will be achieved in 15 or more years from now, this is just the start of one of the main scientific runs of this century. Please don’t think these games are metaverses. They are not.

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