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Node Failure Correlation

Node Failure Correlation

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So unlike PoW, which is only economically mined on-prem, PoS nodes are well-suited to cloud providers like Azure. And given the harsh penalties for downtime, operators are likely even more inclined to offload that responsibility. But it occurred to me that this means a lot of operators will likely be picking one of only a handful of places in which to host their node. Is there any effort or deterrent for operators that avoids everyone just running their node from a US-Central datacenter? Sure, cloud providers offer failover, but I doubt many operators will pay extra for that. The result is that a bad snowstorm in Chicago might knock out half the network. Can anything be done to mitigate this? E.g. Tracking which regions host how many nodes could allow operators to better evaluate geo-redundancy risks, and might encourage them to pay that extra overhead for a fallback zone.

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