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How to Build Your First NFT Collection


The Ultimate Guide to Building an NFT Collection

The future of NFTs is now, and collecting has never been this exciting. When you start, there are a lot of possibilities for the types of NFTs you can buy, including pixels from CryptoKitties or historical pieces from NBA Legends & Cards. But before spending any money, it's essential to make sure that you have a plan.

What Is an NFT?

A unique digital depiction of an object, such as a digital trading card, is called an NFT. Similarly, a cryptocurrency is a one-of-a-kind kind of digital money. Each token in an NFT has its properties and differentiating characteristics from other tokens.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens because NFTs cannot interchange with another token and have their own unique and own set of attributes. This is unlike a derivative or security, which can be tied to another asset and therefore have its value tied to something else.

Why Should You Build an NFT Collection?

With the popularity of blockchain technology, the world is starting to see that digital collectibles may be the next big thing. When compared to other forms of monetization (such as advertising or subscription), NFTs have no intermediary between you and your audience. With this freedom comes freedom for your audience. Creating unique and non-interchangeable collectibles gives you complete control over their value and ensures they are treated fairly.

NFTs are also straightforward to track and trace. Each token can have its own set of attributes that users can view on the blockchain. You can track which of your most popular tokens, who owns them, and where. This is called "metadata", and it is essential for creating an NFT collection.

How to Build Your First NFT Collection

You may begin developing your first collection now that you understand what an NFT is. It's vital to remember that you should have a clear idea of what you desire when you start building your collection. A few potential techniques for establishing an NFT Collection are listed below.

Build a Collection of Specific Items

One approach is to build a collection of specific items hoping that their value will increase over time. For example, if you have collected CryptoKitties from the beginning, you have a good chance of them rising in value and being sold for more money. However, this method of collecting can be risky because your collection may lose value depending on the market.

Collect Enjoyable Items

Another approach is to collect items that you find enjoyable and will likely continue to use. For example, if you like playing games on EOS Games using EOS tokens, collecting items like cards and tokens would seem obvious while also supporting projects that you enjoy. This method also is more stable because it's based on the future of the coin/token itself and not on the changing market.

Collect From Different NFT Games

You can also build your collection by collecting specific games and app items. For example, if you collect Pixels from Cryptokitties, you will be able to use them in games such as CryptoKitty Wars or EOS Collectables. While this approach is also viable, it's essential to understand the risks associated with each NFT game.

Where to Store Your NFT Collection?

Once you have your first NFT, you must ensure that it's safe. There are a few different options for storing your collection, but the best option depends on how valuable you think your collection is.

Private Wallet

A private wallet is one that you maintain control of, so only you have access to your account and the information you store in it. Therefore, private wallets are more secure than an exchange wallet or even an online wallet. One disadvantage is that you will be charged for the gas needed to access your account and make transactions regularly.

Online Wallet

Online wallets are not only limited to the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the market but also online wallets like MyEtherWallet. These wallets allow you to store all of your ERC-20 tokens but may not be ideal for your NFT collection due to the potential for theft. Online wallets are accessed by connecting your computer directly to the internet and do not require you to store any information on the blockchain.

This means that you could be wholly disconnected from the internet without losing access to your NFTs. Online wallets can be highly convenient, but security precautions are essential. However, there is always a risk of someone hacking into your account or even their private key, which would mean that all of your NFTs would be gone forever.


Because of their non-interchangeability, inter-game benefits, and simplicity of use, NFTs are an interesting new technology that offers distinct advantages over traditional online transactions. As you begin to build your first NFT collection and consider joining one of the NFT gaming platforms, keep in mind that each platform may provide various NFTs and advantages. To understand more about NFTs, visit our blog now.

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