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Avoid blockchain.com wallet at all costs

Seriously. Their web app and mobile app generated a receiving bitcoin address that wasn’t even connected to my account. Get sent a decently sized payment and it just disappears into the void. Can’t recover it at all. Checked the blockchain explorer,...

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What to do if blockchain ever reaches 40 GB?

Greetings! I would like to know what to do if I am not pruning, and the blockchain manages to reach 40 GB of storage use. I don't think I will change my hard drive any time soon (298 GB low-density hard drive, old drives are usually more reliable...

More / Litecoin Reddit - 4 days ago

Did the pruned blockchain size ever go down?

EDIT: Read one of my replies to the comments. I explain the following: when you use the -prune=550 option, the pruned blockchain ends up being bigger than that. Has anybody with -prune=550 enabled notice their pruned blockchain file shrink in filesi...