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by COINS NEWS - 3 months ago

Chainlink is one of the safest crypto investments

I love Bitcoin and Ethereum as much as the next guy, and consider them incredible investments. However, I feel that Chainlink is at least as safe of an investment as these two, with just as much potential for growth For one, Chainlink has incredible...

Cryptocoins News / CoinJournal - 3 months ago

Chainlink Price Prediction for June 2021

LINK supporters predict a $100 valuation by 2022, but how will Chainlink fare in June? Launched in 2017, Chainlink is a blockchain abstraction layer that enables universally connected smart contracts. This is done via a decentralized oracle network....

by COINS NEWS - 4 months ago

Chainlink has been my first successful altcoin investment

I took a big risk a few months ago and sold a bunch of my Bitcoin gains and put it into Chainlink. I really liked the CEO and his vision for the future of hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink was my first ever altcoin investment, so I have a special spo...