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Recovering IOTA from 2017?

Hello everyone. My friend has his seed but doesn’t know any of his addresses for his IOTA wallet, and no balance shows up. He hasn’t used it since 2017 or so. He’s used the Trinity desktop app too. I have searched all over on Google, on Trinity’s web...

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Hab gehört, IOTA IS THE ANSWER!!!

I Heard IOTA IS THE ANSWER !!! - If I'm not in the mood for transaction fees, because in addition to the actual purpose -> sending assets, they make me poor .... IOTA IS THE ANSWER - When I have decided on a BC technology, but constantly have...

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My GF is a new Iota lover

I was on a weekend trip recently and my GF and I used Splitwise to track our major spendings. After the weekend, I ended up owing her around $50. Without me talking her into it, she asked me if I can help her set up a wallet so I can transfer the equ...

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Can IOTA be copied?

Since it is open sourced, can other people simply copy IOTA technology and launch a competing product with similar or extra features? submitted by /u/nshung [link] [comments]

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Latest "IOTA AMA with Dom" notes

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ztpPhAWUzOS3q0U4mJqCJFaXDvr2FOhh/view ​ thanks for you effort Kevin (https://twitter.com/MudKevin) submitted by /u/litebits [link] [comments]

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Iota Smart Home

Hey Iota community! I want to know what you guys think about utilizing the tangle for a smart home system. What are the benefits or why would someone use the tangle to setup a smart home(lights, cameras, etc.)? If anyone has experience using this set...

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Skeptical friends question on IOTA

Hi guys i recently told my friend about IOTA and after doing some research he posed this question to me below. If you could help me out on this question i would appreciate it. Thanks.. ............... Ok question, you know how verifying every new blo...

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Iota vs Bitcoin

Can some one tell me will bitcoin ever be replaced by iota.like in today world any new coins works on principle of Bitcoin. submitted by /u/SARS-C0V-2 [link] [comments]

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Help! I am a n00b - transfer my iota balance

Hello. Thank you in advance for the help! I am trying to transfer my Iota balance that is held on Trinity to my coinbase account. When I enter my recipient address from Coinbase into Trinity, it says that the address can only contain characters A-Z a...

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IOTA token distribution

following this tweet, is it possible to find the overall token distribution including exchanges? https://twitter.com/Justuusjust/status/1381167261046743043?s=20 submitted by /u/nico-sg [link] [comments]

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IOTA could solve the data loss problem

We all love IOTA for being a feeless and soon-to-be decentralized permissionless DLT that enables so many use cases and the Machine Economy. Since I got involved in IOTA a few years ago one of the most exciting things to me was IOTA’s potential to so...