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They cannot be traded or exchanged for another.

They cannot be traded or exchanged for another.


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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have recently become the latest blockchain-based innovation to enter the lexicon, and are fast outstripping bitcoin in both hype and popularity. An NFT is a unique unit of data, or token, stored on the blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, or even traditional money, such as a one-pound coin, one NFT can’t be traded or exchanged for another that is, they are not fungible. This uniqueness means that NFTs can be used to represent assets, with data on their provenance, originality, and ownership all being recorded on the blockchain.

The token of cFantasy serves as a governance token and enables its users to vote on various features regarding platform usability and parameters such as game duration, interest rates, and more within the multi-chain NFT based decentralized fantasy gaming platform. It combines its platform with NFT’s, as they continue to expand its footprint and gain traction, the company’s long-term plans include tackling various problems within the current fantasy solutions by adopting a range of features such as instant settlements, decentralized gaming, a smart credit system, and more.

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