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Binance API: Can I trade futures with testnet funds?

Binance API: Can I trade futures with testnet funds?


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Hello I'm writing a trading bot in C# which should be trading some futures with leverage.

Almost everything about the bot is ready except for the actual placing of short/long orders with levarage. Now, I don't want to test my implementation of the bot with real money so I figured I could use the Binance testnet to provide me with some test funds.

I generated a testnet API key/secret pair from here: and also changed my client's endpoints to these:

BaseAddress = "";

BaseAddressCoinFutures = "";

BaseAddressUsdtFutures = "";

That setup works perfectly for Spot trading, but when I try to place a Futures order I get the following response from the server:

401 Unauthorized: Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action

Obviously, the first thing I checked are the permissions of the test API key/secret pair which are the following:


With that in mind, I figured that there's probably an extra permission that I'm missing in order to trade futures. Is that correct? And if yes, how can I give that additional permission to my test API key? I didn't find such option in the site where I generated it...

And also, if what I wrot above is incorrect, what's the best way to test my Futures trading implementation?

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