TIL: There is a Japanese Play2Earn Game that pays Tokens, for locating and taking photos of Manholes

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TIL: There is a Japanese Play2Earn Game that pays Tokens, for locating and taking photos of Manholes

Thanks to WrathofGnon, Balaji Srinivasan for bringing it to attention.

Japanese NGO named "Whole Earth Foundation" had made a game of citizen-collected infrastructure damage reports: “Guardians of Steel and Concrete”.

The first task was called “Manhole Crusade”.

By locating and taking photos of manholes players earn tokens. There tokens are already listed on Mexc, Bitmart and Bittrex.


Gamers are asked to rate the manhole cover by the quality and the reports are sent to city engineers for maintenance.

10,500 manholes were documented in 3 days when tested in the Tokyo ward Shibuya. It would have taken many years for city engineers to complete the same task.

Japan as a whole has 10 million manholes. This game makes maintaining them exponentially cheaper. The next step is utility poles.

The game is also being rolled out across Asia, with plans to bring it to the U.S. There are 200 million utility poles in the U.S., badly aged.

The App is available on Play store and App Store with the name TEKKON.


Here is the link to the Whole Earth Foundation official website, if you want to check the project roadmap and tokenomics etc.

The App seems to be yet not available outside Japan, they plan to launch it very soon.

TBH! This idea sounds really cool and interesting to me.

That's a very creative way of improving the city's infrastructure and can be used in many other domains.

What is your opinion on this "Play to fix your Country" App?

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