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To some, Bitcoin is a currency.

To some, it's a store of value.

To some, it's an investment.

To some, it's a philosophy.

Some people are primarily interested in the technology.

Some people are passionate about its role in a social revolution.

Some people are primarily interested in the chance at financial freedom from cashing out into FIAT.

Som people just want to escape the tyrranical regimes of their countries.

Some people believe in self-custody.

Some would rather trust someone else to custody.

Some feel its gone against its original vision.

Some feel that this was part of the vision all along.

Some people feel its gone against its original vision but don't think that things need to stay true to their original vision to be useful in a different domain, and are cool with other inspired technologies filling those gaps. (That's me)


Some people are one or all the above. But the cool thing about Bitcoin is that ...

It doesn't have to be one thing.

Just like the Internet isn't just a "mailbox" or just a "cat-meme-maker" or just an "encyclopedia," the Bitcoin technology (and the technology that Bitcoin has inspired) has the option to be many different things, and fulfill different needs for different people. Sure, it might end up being used more in a particular way than another, but the option is there.


If someone doesn't feel like having self-custody, so what? I still have the option if I want to.

If someone would rather use it as a currency than a store of value, so what? You have the option to use Lightning network or hodl for dear life.

And this one might be controversial, but if someone feels the technology is limited, yes, they have the option to use a different fork or a different technology they believe in and follow what they believe in, and let it coexist.

Let's celebrate our differences, let's be inclusive, and let's celebrate having the option.


Bitcoin gives optionality.

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