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What’s your #1 long term hold that isn’t top 10?

What’s your #1 long term hold that isn’t top 10?

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This may be a post that only applies to a small number of people. I’ve seen many that only prefer to hold top 10 coins, so I’m asking those who diversify further down that list. What coin in your portfolio is your main long term hold that isn’t top 10? What made you decide on it? For me it’s AMP, I learned about it through the Coinbase earn and immediately thought wow, this could actually be great with increased adoption as current transaction times for BTC take a while. And if we really see Bitcoin being used as a common method of transaction for big purchases such as properties and vehicles, a token with this use case would be extremely beneficial. After reading the white paper I was sold on it (mainly due to 4.4.3 - fallback withdrawals)

Sure, the CREAM hack was terrible for AMP, but it’s about one year old as of this month. I truly believe it has lots of time to buff up in areas it’s lacking (essentially being the reboot of Flexacoin, I believe that’s exactly what they are doing) and also believe that the Flexa network will see a good amount of adoption along with overall crypto adoption. Fill me in on some of the possible hidden gems you are bullish on for the future

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