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How to avoid being scammed on Reddit?

How to avoid being scammed on Reddit?

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Please add in the comments if I miss anything,

  1. Don’t even bother accepting chats from people you don’t know here on Reddit, let alone replying to their Hi, I see you’re into crypto, I’ve made $10k in one week, join this telegram group to learn more.
  2. Worried about your moons? Just shift to an alt account’s vault, and activate 2FA.
  3. Never share the actual amount of your investment here, if you’re comfortable speak in percentages.
  4. Don’t click on suspicious links and enter your seed phrase to rectify your wallet.
  5. Don’t share your email/telegram id, you’ll be bombarded with junk. One wrong click can be detrimental.
  6. Don’t dox your identity or any other kinda personal information.
  7. Don't blindly confirm metamask permission requests when visiting sites.

I just want to add in the end that if you’re getting messages/chats from people asking for moons cuz they are from 3rd world countries and 10 moons can feed their family, just ignore them. Although, some stories are real but many are not, they’ll be sending the same message for like 100 more people and try to “scam/steal” moons out of you.

Edit: added 7th point

Edit 2: if you’re worried about 20% holding bonus, go through this

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