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The original gameboy Pokémon would make the perfect fully-blockchained game.

The original gameboy Pokémon would make the perfect fully-blockchained game.

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Honestly a lot of classic Nintendo games which are still wildly popular would be amazing on blockchain. Legend of Zelda is another one I can think of.

But Pokémon would be incredible — and gameplay quality on chain would be pretty comparable to offchain play.

Most of the time in Pokémon you’re roaming the map, looking for Pokémon…easy enough for offchain play.

Then you enter a building, run into a person, or a Pokémon: boom turn-based on chain play. But you actually own the Pokémon you find, buy, or win. That would be incredible…and you’d get millions of players.

Are there any similar games right now built on chain that actually work? Defi kingdoms maybe?

Edit for some fanfic:

Tl;dr: Becoming a professional Pokémon Trainer becomes the NFT equivalent of becoming a professional poker player.

Fanfic begins:

You walk into your local coffee shop. Your Pokédex DeFi Wallet app pings you:

“5 trainers in vicinity. Open challenge?” [Modern web/app tech]




“Wager amount or ‘Play-for-keeps’?” [specify transaction details]

“Play-for-keeps.” [Unsigned transaction]

“Opening challenge… … … …OrangeMochaFrappucino Accepts challenge! Initiate?” [confirm/sign transaction?]

“Yes” [sign transaction]

“Prepare for Battle!”

“Choose Pokémon” [web tech]


“Random Number Generator decides player OrangeMocha goes first.”

End Fanfic

Limited global Pokémon supply makes your NFT Pokémon increasingly valuable. And the more you train, the more valuable they become. Pokémon can only be found, won, or bought in special circumstances—but these are NFTs so there’s an aftermarket!!!

Man I’m jacked on this idea. The potential is limitless. Hey Nintendo: if you’re out there. Let’s do this thing!!!

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