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What do you think will happen when Bitcoin breaks $100K?

What do you think will happen when Bitcoin breaks $100K?

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If you hang around this sub, you probably believe Bitcoin will break $100K this market cycle (unless you are a bear :) ). I believe this is probably the minimum expectation most people have for this market cycle, others call for 120K, 140K, 200K or even more crazy numbers.

Personally, I believe BTC will top somewhere between 120K and 140K this market cycle, although I would not mind it going higher. But I do understand that moving the price to these levels, while BTC is already so high market cap, will require a shit ton of money, and also more institutions or companies embracing Bitcoin in the process. But I also cannot underestimate the FOMO and mania that may exist at that point in time when Bitcoin seems to furiously leave 100K behind.

So, what do you think will follow when if and when BTC breaks 100K? Will the FOMO, mania and frenzy push the value quickly to 110K or 120K? Or do you think it will plateau there similar to what happened around 60K before trending down for the next bear market?

PS. My personal prediction is Bitcoin will battle around 60K for a month or so before leaving it behind for 100K (similar to what happened last year with 20K). I do know that historical trends do not guarantee future price action, but the momentum feels very similar to me, unless we get some really bad news sometime in the next couple of months.

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