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Most people here are in the acceptance stage now.

Most people here are in the acceptance stage now.

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So 5 stages of grief.

  • Denial

"nah it's just a correction"

"It happens all the time"

"Nah it's an extended cycle"

  • Anger

"fuck off! It's normal in a bull market, it's not always green! Are you new here?!"

"FUD! Gtfo here"

*A mention of bear market gets downvoted to oblivion

  • Bargaining

"some green candles would be nice"

"huge buy wall at ##k guys! It won't dip any lower than this"

"Resistance holding up!"

People waiting for a pump to sell their bags

  • Depression

"I should have sold when it was xx or xx"

"get out, get some fresh air"

"uninstalling exchanges yadda yadda"

"stop looking at charts"

Less people are participating in this sub

  • Acceptance

"time to accumulate boys!"

"Next time I'll definitely sell and not be greedy"

"Next time I'll have some sell points"

"Bear market comments no longer gets downvoted much"

Moon ratio shoots up

Are we slowly accepting now that we're in a bear market? The number of people is dwindling down. Silver lining here is moon ratio prediction is a bit higher.

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