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CEX.IO Acquires Money Transmitter License in North Dakota


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Aside from Minnesota’s dorsal fin, you can’t get much higher in the Upper Midwest than North Dakota. Despite being well-known in the popular imagination for its portrayal on the silver screen, North Dakota’s landscape is its true defining characteristic. Carved by glaciers during the Ice Age, the state’s rolling plains juxtapose the Badlands with their lush tranquility. It’s here that CEX.IO has made its most recent licensure advancement, with the acquisition of a Money Transmitter License (MLT) for the Peace Garden State.

Like the freshwater lakes left by the receding melt, this summer was dotted with similarly attractive achievements for the company. Back in July, CEX.IO reaffirmed its licensure in Louisiana, and followed that up in August by earning an MLT in Arkansas. Continuing our northward trajectory, the addition of North Dakota marks the third consecutive month of celebrating our dedicated commitment to providing best-in-class and above-board crypto services in the United States.

While this exciting advancement works to further establish our footprint in the country, the rugged regulatory terrain remains unchanged for our North Dakota-based users. Experienced riders and crypto newcomers alike can still Buy, Sell, Swap, and Store digital assets, and access their holdings through CEX.IO’s custodial wallet services. This multi-asset functionality is accessible online via a web browser, or through the CEX.IO App when you’re out on the range. Speaking of which, Staking and Savings remain out to pasture for the foreseeable future. But we believe those cows are coming home, and will notify the community promptly if we hear any rumblings.

In the meantime, feel free to dust off and make yourself at home. Whether you blew in from Bismark, or took a rocket down from Minot, there’s always bustle in our product ecosystem. If you’re looking to get oriented, wander over to CEX.IO University to expand your local knowledge, or follow our official social media channels, to stay in the loop.

Most importantly, thanks for taking us along on your crypto journey. After nearly a decade of serving as a global crypto hub for enthusiasts and entities alike, we’re thrilled to still be expanding our circle. Here’s to the road ahead, and avoiding any wood-chippers.

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