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I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Personally, I like reading and writing opinion pieces that challenge the reader's thoughts and prejudices.

However, opinion pieces are rarely upvoted or encouraged in this subreddit anymore.

Without wanting to sound like an old man yelling at the new kids in the block, I believe the explosion in the value of our community points (moons) generally encourage low effort posts, especially of comedic nature, as well just quick copy pasting of links to (mostly) useless articles such as: btc MAY go to $1 million, analyst says

I remember a few years ago when some of the most upvoted posts were just great ideas in a well-written manner, similar to the beginnings of bitcoin, such as the cypherpunks. I remember reading posts shitting on central banks, the modern monetary system, inflation, hedge funds etc. Those posts would get me fired up and motivated me to buy and store btc more than any "analyst" article on whatever "crypto news" website.

These posts are usually downvoted now. I feel like as a community, the whole feeling of "revolting against the monetary system" has died down. The fire is slowly fading. The motive to make money on shitcoins etc. is driving all of the discussions, which only actually gets worse after every bullrun.

Especially now, after all the news we're reading of collapsing banks, the bailouts that remind us of 2008, the Fed's juggling of interest rates that are distorting our wealth while lending out to save their bank's asses, especially now we should be encouraging these opinionated and passionate posts.

Newcomers should still be exposed in these ideas. People should be motivated to do more research and find out the truth about our monetary system and why we truly need cryptocurrencies. We shouldn't just be a shallow crowd that spams rocket emojis after a 3% pump and spamming comments just to earn moons..

What do you think? Do you actually feel like you're getting value out of this subreddit nowdays? Do you learn more about cryptocurrencies or do you just come here to find the latest trend to jump on? I'm genuinely curious what do you guys think, especially those who've been here before the launch of our community points,

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